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Coca Cola’s New Banned Water Brand Dasani, Launched in Pakistan

Coca-Cola has launched new water brand in Pakistan called Dasani. This water brand was banned in Europe because it contained contaminated bromate.

So a banned water brand of Coca-Cola has launched in Pakistan. It is banned in many nations including the UK.

From Coca-Cola’s perspective it is a good news but for the consumers, in Pakistan, it is quite alarming. How was a banned product in many different countries allowed to be introduced in Pakistan?

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In the past, we have seen many issues that surfaced in Pakistan relating to contaminated water being supplied by leading water brands. So Dasani will be added to that list? The history of Dasani does not give much hope to the Pakistani consumers.

In 1999 Coca-Cola launched its Dasani water brand in America. It was successful in that market. Coca-Cola claimed that its water is the purest available on Earth. Despite this, it was banned in the UK by the United Kingdom government, just one month after its launch.

As per the UK officials, Dasani water was just normal tap water with a huge price tag. Furthermore, in 2004 it was found that Dasani water contains dangerously contaminated carcinogenic bromate. Thus Coca-Cola recalled 500,000 bottles and after that, the business was entirely closed.

Now it is relaunching in Pakistan and the question is that whether the company purifies it or the same contaminated water is being brought in Pakistani market. Considering the history of the brand, the second question is that whether Pakistani government take some action and recheck it before the brand is launched for public use.

Coca-Cola is a big name nationally and globally. Thus it is anticipated that the brand will be extremely careful as it introduces its controversial water Dasani in Pakistan.