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Cockroach Milk—Possibly the Next Big Superfood

It may sound gross, but it turns out that cockroaches’ milk is actually good for you. A study conducted in 2016 has resurfaced and has indicated that milk from cockroaches is pretty good for people.

Before anyone of you vows never to drink milk again, let us have a look into some of the benefits of this weird delicacy.

The first thing that is most important to mention is that if you are daring enough to taste this unusual commodity then you should know that it comes from a certain type. A research team from the “Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine” in India found that the cockroach milk comes from the specific breed of cockroaches—Pacific beetle. These cockroaches give birth to the live young ones rather than laying eggs. They are found in Australia.

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The milk is composed of nutrient-rich crystals and has got three-times more energy of the equivalent to the mass of average’s cow milk.

Sanchari Banerjee—one of the main researchers of this study, told Times of India that the crystals found in the milk are a complete food. They have got fats, proteins and sugars. If the protein sequence is observed closely one would see the essential amino acids.

Furthermore, the cockroach milk is also environmental-friendly as it could reduce the carbon footprint. Gourmet—the South African ice cream firm have been using the entomilk as the basic ingredient in their products, which is made from sustainably farmed insects.

As per their website, insects farming as a major source of protein is more feasible then the farming of cows in terms of dangerous gasses. In comparisons to other animals like cows, chickens and pigs, insects just need a little amount of water essential for their farming.

Leonard Chavas—the study co-author told Inverse—the scientific publication that it would take ten cockroaches to make half a millimetre of milk and killing of nearly thousand cockroaches would provide a hundred millilitres of milk.

Scientists are presently checking that the crystals are not completely harmful to humans.

As for the taste, so far from the information gathered it appears that it tastes like the normal cow milk.

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