Carbonated drinks are highly popular in Pakistan, especially amongst kids and youngsters. As more people consume these drinks, one of the leading drinks brand in Pakistan Coca-Cola Içecek (CCI) has decided to open a bottling plant in K-P. The aim is to increase its investment in the country and make use of the increasing demands of the people.

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In Faisalabad as well the Coca-Cola Içecek facility will be up and running hopefully by next month.

CCI Pakistan Public Affairs and Communications Director Cagdas Donmez said, “We will open a plant in K-P next. The company will inaugurate its sixth plant in Faisalabad in April this year with an investment of $45 million. After this, we will pursue the plant in K-P.”

One of the bottling plants by Coca-Cola Içecek was in Multan where they invested almost $70 million. Then its Faisalabad plant was the second one after Coca-Cola Içecek started aggressive expansion and marketing in 2013. Donmex said that Coca-Cola Içecek has invested $500 million is past five years for setting up new bottling plants in Pakistan.

Atilla Yerlikaya in 2017 said that the company will make an investment of $200 million more in Pakistan.

Donmex was hopeful that the company will start developing cans of carbonated drinks by next year. He said, “Currently, a third party is manufacturing steel cans (metal container) for us in Pakistan but we are hopeful that by next year we will be in a position to manufacturing the cans ourselves.”

Presently Coca-Cola Içecek has five plants that have capacity of 332 million units per annum. 100 million units per annum will be added just by the start of Faisalabad plant. “Currently, the Lahore plant has a capacity of producing 36,000 units per hour. The Faisalabad plant will be installed with machinery that will produce 45,000 units per hours”.

Donmex added, “In Lahore only, average per-annum consumption of coke is 68 per person, whereas in Istanbul, it is 108, so you can judge the potential.”

He informed, “We are looking to expand our product line by entering in the energy drinks segment and further diversify in the juices segment.”

In order to cater the demand and supply, he said, “In the last six to seven years, average growth in carbonated drinks demand has stood at 16% and our first priority is to strike the perfect balance between rising demand and supply.”