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COAS Visits Karachi Businessmen To Discuss Karachi Problems


Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa held a meeting with Karachi businessmen that lasted for numerous hours on Wednesday, the second day of his go to to the southern port town.

Army leader visited Karachi after the town became ravaged by using heavy monsoon rains, leaving massive parts of the provincial metropolitan submerged due to city flooding. The devastation due to the rains has brought about protests with the aid of angry citizens, unhappy with the preparations to cope with the rain season with the aid of the metropolis and provincial government. The go-to by Army Chief is being seen as an expression of team spirit with the residents of Karachi and also to keep up efforts and concrete steps to mitigate their sufferings.

During the meeting, General Bajwa compared Karachi’s price range with some other megacities of the country and stated the finances devoted to the port town was no longer sufficient for its desires. Issues of sewerage, circular railway, and water shortage have been additionally discussed inside the assembly. 

“Army leader turned into thoroughly prepared and it appears he has a clean roadmap about Karachi,” Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, one of the major businessmen, who become among business leaders met the army chief, become quoted as saying. “COAS said a three-year plan will be made to restore Karachi’s huge problems,” Mr. Dhedi stated.

On Tuesday General Qamar Javed Bajwa reached Karachi on a -day lengthy visit. Chief flew over the metropolis for aerial reconnaissance of the floor impact of city flooding in Karachi.  Later, he visited Karachi Corps Headquarters.

The army chief was briefed about the worst urban flooding inside the latest records of Karachi and the Army’s guide to civil administration across Sindh and specially Karachi. COAS turned into apprised that unheard of rains mixed with decades of city congestion, unplanned population agreement, as well as infrastructural issues, compounded the problem. Chief stated that no town in Pakistan should cope with a natural calamity of this scale. “Our difficulty is not non-availability of sources however placing priorities right,” he added.

COAS said that the plans being made by way of the federal and provincial governments would have Army’s all-out help as having future repercussions on the economic security of the country. He said that this natural calamity supplied the possibility to set the priority for the management of megacities across Pakistan to avoid such failures in the country. He expressed pride at the pace of disaster alleviation efforts. He reiterated that the Army might not disappoint human beings in this time of dire need. COAS admired garrison troops for maintaining law and order mainly for the duration of Muharram. General Bajwa said that peace in countrywide financial hub Karachi turned into critical for the safety and balance of Pakistan. Efforts could preserve to keep normalcy in Karachi and the province, he added.

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