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CNG Stations to Open for 8 hours Tonight in Sindh

CNG Stations

CNG stations to open for 8 hours tonight in Sindh. As per the announcement of the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) all the compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations in the province would be reopening on Tuesday.

As per the issued notice, the CNG would be available at the filling stations from 10:00 pm on Tuesday until 6:00 am on Wednesday for 8 hours. The decision of the reopening of the CNG stations was announced after improvement was witnessed in the gas pressure of SSGC.

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Previously, the CNG stations in the province of Sindh reopened for 12 hours after the closing of 168 hours. Gas supply resumed in the city of Karachi as well as in the other parts of the province at 7 am, which would remain open until the 7 pm, as per the spokesperson of Sui Southern Gas Company.

The SSGC further said that any decision to open the gas stations in the province are related to the availability of the gas pressure.

During this current winter season, the gas supply has suffered on a serious note owing to the excessive use of gas. In mid of the low gas pressure, the SSGC has rescheduled the opening of the CNG stations in Sindh reducing it from the opening of the stations for 4 days in a week to 2 days and that even for the span of 12 hours or even less than that.

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