CNG Stations Shut Down for 72 hours in Sindh


On Monday, CNG stations present all over Sindh have been closed for 72 hours once again.

As per the shared details, the Sui Sothern Gas Company revealed that the decision to close down CNG stations have been taken due to the shortage of gas all over Pakistan.

All the CNG station sin Sindh were found closed today at 8:00 am and will remain shut down for the next 72 hours (3 Days). One of the spokespeople of SSGC said that all CNG stations will reopen on the 21st of January whereas the gas station and LNG will remain closed.

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Earlier on January 4th, the gas station was closed down for the same reason. Moreover, the citizens complained that the irregular gas supply is causing difficulty in commuting.

In Karachi, a rickshaw driver complained by saying that our lives have become hell because of the irregular gas supply. He further stated that this is also affecting his business vastly.

Previously in January, Nadeem Babar Special Minister to Prime Minister on Petroleum said that the supply to all CNG sectors has been halted due to the gas shortage. According to him, the reason for the shortfall was the increase in the demand for gas.

Babar further added that this year, there had been an intense deterioration in domestic gas production.  

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