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CNG Stations Reopen Throughout Sindh for 12 hours

CNG Stations

The CNG stations across Sindh are to reopen this morning for a span of 12 hours, as per the reports of local media.

Long queues of all the various types of automobiles were seen outside the CNG stations as they opened after a break of 50 hours.

The gas filling stations would remain open until 8 pm on Sunday, as per the Sui Southern Gas Company.

The low pressure of gas and a surge in the local demand of gas due to the cold weather conditions prevalent in the country have urged the firm to suspend the gas supply to the CNG sector, resulting in causing a lot of issues for the people, especially by the travellers who extensively depend on public transportation for their daily travels.

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In the meantime, the CNG Dealers Association has given the federal government a weeks time to improve the situation created by the shortage of gas or else they would show a sit-in in the federal capital.

The CNG stations are opened on the 3rd of Jan nearly 20 per cent of the gas filling stations experienced closure in the city of Karachi owing to an issue of low gas pressure.

On Wednesday, the federal minister for Power Omer Ayub Khan had said that the local demand for has surged by nearly 20 per cent.

He tweeted that besides the CNG stations, all the consumers are being supplied gas.

He further said that the CNG stations would be offered gas intermittently during the month of January and completely in the month of February. The minister further added that the record-breaking and extended cold weather spell has caused low pressure throughout the system, which is anticipated to get better in a week.

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