CNG Stations of Sindh to Remain Closed for 50 Hours

CNG stations

The CNG stations of Sindh would remain closed for the next 50 hours and would be reopening at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Gas supply for the automobiles was opened on Thursday night after a suspension of more than 3 days.

The stations were flooded as the automobiles qued up outside the gas stations until midnight. However, people complained about the low gas pressure.

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As per a motorist, if the gas supply has been halted, the use of automobiles would also be stopped.

The announcement regarding the resumption of the supply of gas on Sunday is not an official one by the Sui Southern Gas Company. As per a gas utility official the CNG supply is all dependent on the gas crisis, if it gets bad, supply is not likely to be resumed.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, Indus Motors is offering free registration for a limited time on the booking of Corolla XLI. The automobile manufacturer is striving to attract its customers with various offers.

There has been chaos with a huge fall in the sales of the cars and unsold inventory along with the rising prices in the Auto sector.

The province of Sindh has been experiencing the issues of the shortage of gas ever since the advent of the winter season. This has been a source of a huge problem for the city residents.

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