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CNG Stations in Sindh to Remain Closed for 34 Hours

CNG stations

It has been instructed by the Sui Southern Gas Company that all the CNG stations which include the stations in Karachi as well, to remain closed for 34 hours starting from yesterday night (Tuesday) 10pm.

As per the details, the SSGC halted the CNG supply to all the gas stations at 10 pm yesterday owing to low gas pressure.

The CNG stations would be resuming their proper operations on Thursday at 8 am that is after the time frame of 34 hours.

There are a total of six hundred and fifty number of CNG stations in the province ;of Sindh, out of which three hundred are in the city of Karachi.

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On the 11th of December, the Sui Southern Gas Company stopped the gas supply to all the CNG stations in the province for an indefinite period of time. The gas supply resumed after a lapse of 6 days when Imran Ismail—the governor and the minister for petroleum—Ghulam Sarwar intervened into the situation.

The suspension of CNG for those 6 days proved a tough situation for the citizens especially the ones who commute daily as they faced serious issues in traveling to their respective destinations. Owing to the gas suspension the fares of rickshaws and taxis also hiked thus adding more to the troubles of the white-collar citizens.

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