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CNG Stations in Sindh Threaten to Reopen without Permission

CNG stations

The CNG stations in Sindh have threatened to reopen without permission today if they are not given the permission to operate as per the change schedule.

The warning was issued by Sami Khan, the All Pakistan CNG Dealers Association head during a press conference at the Press Club of Karachi on Monday.

He indicated that the CNG stations have been closed for a week now. He further said that on the 19th of December the gas authorities had given assurance that the dealers would be permitted to operate 3 days a week. But, he also said that the commitment was broken by the Sui Southern Gas Company, which has suspended the supply of gas to the stations for an extended period of time.

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He said that the gas was only supplied to the CNG stations for 27 hours out of the last 192 hours. The supply was restored on Saturday for 12 hours before being suspended again, as it had extremely low pressure, owing to which the gas stations were forced to shut again, he also mentioned.

On the other hand, the low gas pressure has been a real challenge for the people of Karachi as many areas of the city are affected by the issue, as per the reports of local media.

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