CNG stations closed for 24 hours again in Sindh

surge in gas price

The shortage of gas supply has pushed the Gas suppliers and GNG filling station owners to shut down the operations for the next 24 hours across Sindh.

On Tuesday the CNG stations resumed operations after a break when government restored the gas supply all over the province covering all CNG stations.

Earlier the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) announced that CNG stations will be closed for24 hours from Monday to Tuesday. After opening for 24 hours on Tuesday, thecompany has made another announcement that all the CNG stations will be closedfor the next 24 hours.

Gas crisis is mounting after the new wave of cold in the country, the government is also taking strict actions against gas theft in order keep smooth gas supply to thestakeholders, the SSGC Company raidedDenim Factory and some others on Monday to curb gas theft.

It was also reported that the court rejected bails of two gas thieves. The CNG supply crisis could worsen in the coming days, earlier gas supply was discontinued to 3 industrial zones in Karachi. The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) however, ensured  last month that there would be “no gas load shedding” this winter.

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