CNG Owners Reject Increase In Taxes In Budget 2017-2018

Budget 2017-18 has come up with a rise in taxes on CNG. The owners and workers of CNG filling stations have rejected this increase and demanded immediate withdrawal of it.

Central Chairman of the All Pakistan CNG Association, Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha said that this increase in taxes by government would affect the owners and people negatively. Therefore the government should reevaluate its decision and withdraw the rise in taxes.

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The withholding tax for CNG station owners has been 4% while sales tax on gas usage is 26%. Now the procedure to calculate withholding tax has altered. It is now compulsory on appropriate sales tax along with the volume of gas consumption, as per Paracha. Therefore this change has increased the limit of withholding tax from 4%. This rise is unacceptable by the consumers and the owners of CNG.

In the recent budget alterations have been made in the electricity bills as well. Withholding tax on electricity would be received by the government as before, but it won’t be open for modifications now, nor would it be adjustable. Paracha did asked the government to give importance to the problem faced by CNG operatives and resolve the issue so that the sector can play its part in national progress and development.



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