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CNG Owners Demand Govt. for Financial Relief Packages

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 CNG sector have also been affected badly. So the dealers and owners of the stations are demanding government and to the Prime Minister to provide them with financial relief package.

The demand for relief package came up in the meeting chaired with Engr Maqsood Pervaiz Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The owners along with a relief package also asked the government to reduce gas tariffs to Rs.780 for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) sector in Khyber PK and in other parts of the country too. This will result in maintaining good correspondence between Petrol and CNG.

The owners also asked for the charge of sales tax on the cost of gas at 17% with a 4 % income tax letting off the hook.

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Moreover, they want the government to charge electricity tax on the industrial tariff. To protect the CNG sector from the global pandemic the owners asked to take the gas bills of this month in four installments.

This will help the industry to maintain uniformity with petrol and also there will be fewer closures. Engr Maqsood greeted the government’s initiative to reduce the diesel and petrol prices up to Rs.15 as it will provide a huge relief to a lot of industries and to the general public as well.

SCCI chief stated that the gas taxes have risen up by 71% along with so many tax impositions on the CNG sector in the last decade. According to the chamber president, the government has to announce relief packages otherwise the industry which is already in so much trouble will become unworkable after the hit of the coronavirus which eventually will result in wasting of investments worth billions of rupees and a lot of people will be left unemployed. Up till now many of the gas stations in KPK have been closed due to the government’s unfriendly policies, high taxations, and other problems.

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