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CNG Dealers Reject Surge in Gas Price

surge in gas price

On Friday, the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) has discarded the latest surge in gas price. They have termed the increase in the price of natural gas as highly destructive for the population as well as to the CNG industry.

The decision regarding the hike in the gas tariff by forty per cent would take a toll on the masses and would ruin the already in struggle phase CNG industry, as said by the APCNGA central leader—Ghiyas Paracha. He further added that the closure of the CNG industry would lead to the waste too of rupees four hundred and fifty billion investments other than leaving many people jobless.

He also said that the government had refused the proposal for increasing the price of petrol in order to provide some relief to the masses, hence, it should also reverse the decision about increasing gas tariff for the CNG industry for providing a safeguard to the underprivileged.

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Paracha further said that the closure of the CNG industry would be surging the oil import bill which would further be damaging the nation’s forex reserves.

He criticised the government for making claims that the price of gas has not affected the poor people of the nation. He said that the people belonging to the less privileged segment of the society are badly affected and are struggling as CNG is mostly used by the poor people.

Ghiyas Paracha said that the decision of increasing gas prices for the CNG sector by the government has been taken without the consent of the board and said that the government did not even provide any clear layout in regard to the recovery from the customers.

The CNG sector leader added that the increase in the gas price, additional taxes and the surge in electricity rates has lessened the difference between the price of CNG and petrol, which would finally be bringing the CNG business to a close.

He asked the government to provide a safeguard to the CNG sector otherwise the price of public transport and other transportation of goods would rise, and the population would be urged to switch to petrol.

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