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CNG Association Wants the CNG Stations to Remain Open 24/7

CNG stations

The CNG Association has asked for the CNG stations of Sindh and Punjab to remain open 24/7, adding that the current 12-hour timetable was not acceptable.

In a statement Ghiyas Abdullah Piracha, has said that during the last few weeks the CNG stations in the two provinces had not remained open for 40 hours in total and this has adversely affected 300,000 jobs. Therefore, the 24/7 operations for a full day should be permitted.

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According to the statement, the closure of the stations has led to a surge in the oil import bill which would cause extensive losses to the CNG operators and losses in the revenue for the government. Paracha has also said that in the past 5 winter seasons, the CNG stations had remained open and it is not justified that they were closed for this winter season.

He also said that Sindh is offering oil and gas but even then the CNG stations in the provinces are closed, a move that is not constitutional. This has also affected the economy in a negative way and led to job losses.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, UK has permitted its citizens to travel to the Northern areas of the country.

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