CM Sindh to Approve compensation for Rain Affected People


On Monday, Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah gave approval for the compensation of losses to the people affected in rainfall in Sindh.

The reports say that the CM Sindh was informed that the rainwater flooded 1752 villages in the province during the rainfall this year.

Around 2.2 million people were affected in Sindh during the rainfall, according to the briefing.  The crops on 1.49 million acres and 2.9 million houses were damaged in the catastrophic rainy spell.

Furthermore, the CM was informed that 1.29 million people were affected due to the collapse of their houses.

Overall 149 people were killed and 103 constant injuries in the rainfall, the chief minister was told.

The chief minister approved the compensation of losses to the affected people under the social protection policy, which will be permitted by the Sindh cabinet in a meeting, a spokesperson of the chief minister said.

Chief Minister has decided to summon a cabinet session earlier to take the decision.

The chief minister said that poor and affected people will not be left unsupported.

Murad Ali Shah also asked for the re-verification of the data of the affected people. The compensation amount will be transferred after the inspection of the national identity card.

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