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CM Punjab to Launch Insaaf Medicine Card


On Sunday, Usman Buzdar Chief Minister of Punjab launched the Insaaf Medicine Card under the Sehat Sahulat Program Punjab in order to facilitate the people of the province suffering from different diseases like; Hepatitis AIDS and Tuberculosis.

As per the reports, after the patients register themselves at the Taluka Headquarters Hospitals and District Headquarters Hospitals then they will be provided with the Insaaf Medicine Card. With the Insaaf Card, the patients can get free medicines from various centers.

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Usman Buzadar also asked to set up desks for TB, AIDS, and Hepatitis at different hospitals to facilitate people.

According to CM Buzdar, ensuring free health facilities to the people is the first priority of the government. Moreover, he added that the government will keep on making strategies for the provision of the best medical assistance to the citizens.

Previously this month, the government of Punjab decided to extend the scope of Sehat Insaaf Cards in different phases in order to provide health insurance facilities to the nation.

Also, a meeting took place in this regard chaired by CM Punjab where he explained the details of medical facilities and the issuance of Sehat Insaaf Cards among the people of Punjab.   

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