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Closure of 2-year Degrees Would Affect 0.4 million

2-year degrees

The closure of 2-year degrees would be affecting 0.4 million.

A deadline stipulated by the apex higher education body of the country to terminate the two-year bachelor’s program in favor of a four-year degree as per international standards is set to affect some 0.4 million students who have completed their two-year degree.

On the directives of the Higher Education Commission—HEC, the two-year Bachelor of Arts—BA, Bachelor of Science—BSc, Bachelors of Commerce—BCom have been replaced by the four-year degree program of Bachelors of Studies.

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The bachelors of 4 years would be followed by the 2-year master’s program, Master of Studies (MS).

The ones who have already completed their 2-year bachelor’s programs would now have to study further for 2 more years for getting their BS degrees before they could become eligible for the master’s program. All such students have been told by the higher educational institutes to get themselves enrolled in the 5th semester of the BS program.

The ones looking to complete master’s Doctorate Philosophy—MPhil or Philosophy programs—Ph.D. would also need to have a BS degree.

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