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Clinical Trials of anti-COVID-19 developed by DUHS shows Encouraging Results


On Saturday, the clinical trials of anti-COVID-19 intravenous immunoglobulin (C-IVIG) prepared by the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) for treating the COVID-19 patients have shown hopeful results, declared the university.

As per the DUHS statement, the administration of C-IVIG to patients with severe infection has led to a 100% recovery rate while a 60% recovery rate was observed among serious patients admitted to intensive care units (ICU) or on ventilators.

The statement further added that more than 50% of the patients recovered and were discharged from the hospital within 5 days after doctors started giving them C-IVIG.

According to the details, the drug was produced by a DUHS team led by Dr. Shaukat Ali under the management of DUHS vice-chancellor Dr. Saeed Quraishy.

Furthermore, Dr. Ali said that C-IVIG was prepared by chemically cleansing the plasma of recovered coronavirus patients.

Dr. Ali further stated that though the Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority had given permission for collecting recuperating plasma for the purpose, the required amount of C-IVIG could not be prepared due to a decline in donations overlapping with the rise in the coronavirus cases. According to him, the clinical trials for C-IVIG started in June and were flew up given the pandemic’s increase.

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