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Clinical Trials for COVID-19 Vaccine to Begin in Pakistan

The Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Science and Technology and a well-known scientist Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman revealed that the clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine will begin in Pakistan this week. The vaccine has been proposed by a globally well-acclaimed company.

For conducting the clinical trials of the vaccine, the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) based in the University of Karachi has been approved.

He said, “The clinical trials will be conducted in partnership with Indus Hospital, Karachi.”

For approval, the application for conducting the clinical trials of this vaccine was submitted to the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).

According to Dr. Rahman, it takes a couple of months for the completion of the clinical trials of the vaccine.

He said, “In Pakistan, the first phase of the clinical trials is likely to start this week and it will be completed in around three months.”

Adding, “The second phase of clinical trials has already completed in China. The third phase will begin after completion of the first phase and it will also take three months.”

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It would take almost 6 months for the complete process of the clinical trials. After this, Pakistan would be able to manufacture the vaccine, if the results of it are positive. If they are positive, the vaccine would be available across Pakistan between April and June.

About the price of the vaccine, Dr. Rehman said, “We can only know about the price of the vaccine after the manufacturing process starts.”

Adding, “We were in contact with several international companies for vaccine production after which one major international company agreed to conduct clinical trials of their vaccine in Pakistan.”

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