Climatic Change Decreases Mango Production in Pakistan by 20percent – Research Snipers

Climatic Change Decreases Mango Production in Pakistan by 20percent

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The Climatic changes in Pakistan have affected the mango production and have decreased it by 20percent in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab, as per the Economic Survey of Pakistan.

The country might get late arrival of the crop in both the provinces due to decreased production, the survey revealed.

The survey further added that Pakistan is taken as one of the most vulnerable nations to climatic changes. This vulnerability is majorly owing to the geographical location and the varying climatic conditions.

For reducing the losses, the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) is one of the significant measures towards recognizing and assessing the climatic changes adaptation challenges for Pakistan. It would be aligning its adaptation requirements and opportunities with the goals and objectives of its sustainable development.

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Noor Muhammad—the leader of the growers’ community and an agriculture expert said that an approximated 20percent of mango crop had been affected throughout the province of Sindh, as unripe mangoes had fallen from the trees owing to gusty winds and the latest dust storms and rains, while in the province of Punjab there had been witnessed the same amount of losses due to the present weather conditions.

He proposed to the government to facilitate the growers via the use of new modern technology for saving the mango crops.

Ahmad Jawad—the ex-Chairman of the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Standing Committee on Horticulture Experts said that the mango crop in South Punjab is most probably to arrive late in the market owing to the weather changes. He said that in this season the maturity of the mango crop would be less owing to the continuous rains and gusty winds. He added that it might also effect on the exports of Chaunsa variety of mangoes.

He added that despite the mango orchids being cut down for residential purposes in the suburban areas of South Punjab, the cultivation area for the mangoes is on a rise continuously.

He said that earlier the mango growers were not interested in improving the mango cultivation area as they were not paid well but now, they are dedicated to promoting their cultivation area as they are earning well via exports.

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