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Climate Ministry Suggests Tax on Plastic Bags

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Zartaj Gul Wazir—the Minister of State for Climate Change has said to the federal government for reducing the use of plastic bags, it has taken the decision of imposing a tax on them. The tax suggested is of Rs1-2 per plastic bag.

While talking to the Express News, the state minister said that the objective of thus tax was to get rid of the plastic bags and the government is of the belief that the tax imposition is the only way that could be used for making people stop using plastic bags.

She added that the ministry has consulted with the provinces about the proposal and the tax imposition would be done once the provinces are taken into complete confidence.

Wazir also added that the use of plastic bags is bad for the health of the humans as well as not good for the land and sea creatures and that they are trying to get rid of it.

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The officials also informed that in abidance of the convention import of hazardous waste was banned in Pakistan and no person was permitted to import the mentioned item to the land under the Pakistan Environment Protection Act 1999.

It was also informed during the briefing that recently 800 containers transporting plastic waste into the nation via Karachi port have been taken into custody.

The minister also informed that in this matter, a discussion is going on in the cabinet and a probe committee has been established which would soon be presenting its report.

Faisal Javed—the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senator was in opposition of the tax.

He said that the idea presented is good of imposing a tax, but it could not be done, instead one should work on bringing a creative suggestion or educate people first. He urged that the public should be made aware of the harms of plastic bags via campaigns and advertisements and said that he does not support the idea of tax imposition.

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