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Climate Change- The World to Split between the Rich and the Dead

The ever-increasing effects of climate change will have a negative impact on every single person on Earth in the upcoming decade. The World is set to split between the rich and the dead as the consequence of climate change.

A new report by United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) stated that the poor will be hit so hard with the effects of climate change that the very concept of the human rights might break with them.

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A U.N. human rights and poverty specialist Philip Alston said, “Even under the best-case scenario [of reduced carbon emissions], hundreds of millions will face food insecurity, forced migration, disease, and death. While people in poverty are responsible for just a fraction of global emissions, they will bear the brunt of climate change, and have the least capacity to protect themselves.”

Alston further said that the world may barrel towards a “climate apartheid,” in which the wealthy will escape the climate change consequences while the poor will suffer from the fire and famine.

Alston said that the findings of over 100 prior reports and scientific studies reveal that climate change threatens basic necessities like food, water, health and housing for hundreds of millions of people around the world. ‘

Alston said, “Somber speeches by government officials have not led to meaningful action and too many countries continue taking short-sighted steps in the wrong direction.”

He cited examples of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro who has permitted mining in the Amazon rainforest and the U.S. President Donald Trump, who “presided over an aggressive rollback of environmental regulations, and is actively silencing and obfuscating climate science.”

Alston says that a global coalition of climate activists is needed to fight for a positive social and economic transformation.