Cleaning up your inbox will be much simpler using Gmail for Android

Managing a Gmail inbox becomes difficult without having access to a computer. In comparison, cutting the clutter from the Gmail app via a smartphone is an equally hectic task. However, this is about to change. According to the information shared by 9To5Google, Android users can now select multiple emails.

Account management via the Gmail app is quite difficult, specifically if a user has a ton of email. Users can only select one email at any given time. This makes it extremely difficult to manage thousands of emails in the Gmail account. With the recent feature, users will be presented with a Select All feature. Using it, several emails could be selected.

The name of this new feature is quite misleading since it is termed ‘Select All,’ but unfortunately, the feature can’t select all emails in a user’s inbox. Instead, only 50 emails at any given time will be selected. Although it will speed up the process, it is a bit unfortunate. The feature is expected to arrive soon on Pixel and Galaxy devices. The feature is currently available on Android 13 and Android 14. It will be rolled out to more devices in the future.

Do note that this is a server-side update. It was found in the Gmail app version 2023.08.20.561750975. Currently, there is no information on when this feature will be rolled out to users. one thing to mention here is that the desktop app of Gmail already supports selecting 50 emails at a time.

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