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“Clean Karachi” Second Campaign Blooms—Getting Appreciation

On the third of this month (October 3rd, 2017) Bahria started its second “Clean Karachi” campaign. The quality of organized and well-planned cleaning work along with the lifting of heaps of trash has brought many praises for Bahria, stated by Bahira Town Karachi this Saturday.

From the Central District of Karachi, this campaign was started. The Central District comprises of four zones namely, Liaquatabad, Gulberg, North Nazimabad and New Karachi.

12,000 tons or more garbage has been lifted from Liaquatabad and have been discarded into the authorized dumping site of Jam Chakro.

Waseem Akhtar, Mayor Karachi visited Liaquatabad after the completion of work and expressed his pleasure and satisfaction upon the quality and level of the cleaning work.

Waseem Akhtar said that each member of the Bahria Town team performed the cleaning task as best as they could. They showed excitement and readiness to help in cleaning Karachi.

Cleaning an area like Liaquatabad which is big in term of size was not an easy task but Bahria Town team finished the task with perfection in minimum possible time. They did the task with every ounce of dedication and for that, they deserve to be praised and congratulated, the mayor added.

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Zulfiqar Memon, GM Commander-Bahria Town said that during our task we got loads of assistance from the people of Karachi, in fact, while doing the task people used to come and share their happiness and gratitude towards Bahria and its founder, Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain. He also added that they will try to keep the promise Malik Sahab made with the Karachiites.

After finishing work here, he said that they intend to move to the second zone that is New Karachi and hopes that they may also be able to do the desired cleaning task there, in recorded time and with the same efficiency. Mr. Memon mentioned that he got immense help from the Chairman DMC Central throughout their cleaning campaign of zone one to which he and his team are very much thankful.