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CJP Proposes to Tax Bottled Water Firms for Dams

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Mian Saqib Nisar—the Chief Justice of Pakistan proposed his idea of generating funds for the construction of dams via imposing the tax on bottled water firms which are involved in the extraction of water without any charges.

The chief justice indicated that the funds could easily be produced by applying taxes on the bottled water firms, which are extracting 7 billion litres of water on a per month basis and Rs1,000 billion from a real state tycoon. He further said that they do not have to go for any other option for collecting dam funds if we collect the amount from these two sources alone.

The critics of the construction of dams via Supreme Court also agreed to this proposition of getting funds from the industrialists like mineral water firms instead of putting the load on the general public.

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Leading a three-judge bench, the CJP observed that the bottled water firms should pay the cost on the extraction of water and that they should form some action plan for it. He further mentioned that the billions of rupees could be gathered in just a few months for dams if a tax of just one rupee per litre is imposed on the bottled water firms.

The CJP also said that no contribution would be needed from any other person or source if the funds are gathered from these two sources alone.

The bench was listening to a Suo moto case about the free of cost extraction of water by the bottled water firms.

He expressed disappointment that the firms were selling a litre bottle for fifty rupees without paying a single penny as the tax.

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