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CJP Proposed to Demolish Islamabad’s Elite Club

Mian Saqib Nisar—the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) hinted a proposal before the authorities in Islamabad regarding the demolishing of the unlawful structure of Gun and Country Club within a span of ten days.

During the hearing session of the case about the illegal construction of the marriage halls at the mentioned facility, the apex judge of the court was informed by the counsel of the Club that the ex-Chief executive—Parvez Musharraf gave the permission for the allotment of land.

Upon this, the CJP inquired that why the ex-dictator—Parvez Musharraf did not come back to Pakistan for responding to the misdeeds he did during the time he was in charge.

He added that the ex-dictator has no rights to even allot a single kiosk, however, he took over the authority of the nation’s administrator after he broke the law.

The judge remarked that Musharraf was a usurper and had no command or power for allotting or awarding the land without the approval of CDA.

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The CJP observed that the shooting club was built for Safe Games but inquired about the recent happenings there.

He said that why was the club not shut down to allot the land to Polyclinic as the facilities there were only for the wealthy people.

At one point, Mian Saqib Nisar directed for the immediate demolition of the marquee, however, Nayyar Abbas Rizvi—the Additional Attorney General objected to this decision and said that Islamabad could host the SAF Games at any time.

Justice Nisar further said that if the property is an unlawful construction that it should be demolished, and the land should be given to Polyclinic.

The Additional Attorney General also told the court that the marquee was founded when Faisal Sakhi Butt was the administrator of the club during the last government of Pakistan Peoples Party.

The court also summoned Butt along with the club’s first administrator Lt General Arif Hassan and Daniyal Aziz, who remained the GCC administrator during the government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz.

It also asked the CDA board to take a decision on the application of the Club and asked the Club administration to satisfy it on the issue of the land. The next hearing session of the case would be held on the 9th of July.

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