CJP Ordered Milk Brands to Mention Clearly “It’s Tea Whitener Not Milk” on the Packs – Research Snipers

CJP Ordered Milk Brands to Mention Clearly “It’s Tea Whitener Not Milk” on the Packs

The Chief Justice of Pakistan has directed the milk brands to mention clearly on their packs the term “whitener” not “milk”.

This instruction was given out during a hearing session of the substandard packed milk, environmental matter and water and shortage issue in Karachi registry today.

This is the first time ever that the court is holding a hearing session on Sunday. The three-judge bench includes Justice Faisal Arab and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah and is headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

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Mian Nisar—the Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered the milk firms to clearly specify the difference between tea whiteners and milk in writing as well via the advertisements through television and print media.

The Chief Justice Pakistan instructed the milk companies that the milk companies have only four weeks to abide by the new instructed rulings.

He further added that this matter is of public interest and wellbeing so should be resolved on immediate and priority basis. He also thanked the milk companies’ owners and other staff for coming today that is an off day of the week.

The court also directed the drug inspectors and the FIA officials for conducting raids to seize the injections used for the enrichment of milk production.

The court further instructed the officials to take rupees fifty thousand from the milk firms and to get a test conducted on their sample milk by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR).

The bench remarked that the some of the milk firms are even selling substandard milk.

The chief justice also mentioned that once through the packaged milk the court would also be considering the matter of “open milk”.

The court has also grilled Murad Ali Shah—Chief Minister Sindh after his government failed to provide satisfactory explanations on the water and sanitation development plans within the provided timeframe.

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