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CJP Announced to Take No More Suo Moto Notices Until the Earlier Ones are Resolved

Mian Saqib Nisar—the Chief Justice of Pakistan– CJP announced on Tuesday that he would take no more Suo moto notices until the earlier issues against which Suo moto notices were taken are resolved.

The chief justice of Pakistan said that the Supreme Court would not be intervening in any executive policies or whatsoever, however, it would identify or indicate towards the issues.

The CJP while conversing with Babar Awan, asked all the lawyers to help the court in solving matters that are related to public interest.

He uttered these remarks while the hearing session of a Suo moto case on human smuggling.

In the span of last few months the chief justice has taken Suo Moto notices of a great number of issues. The ruthless rape and murder case of the young under eighteen girl of Kasur shook the entire nation with rage and sadness and persuaded the chief justice to take a Suo moto notice which became a reason for immediate progress in the proceedings of the case.

The chief justice took notice of the substandard packaging of the milk and asked the brands to clearly specify on their products the difference between the tea whitener and milk as well as while advertising their products.

The chief justice also gave out a warning to the provincial government of Punjab to improve all the public hospitals and educational institutions or else all the mega projects of the province would be shut down.

Mian Nisar also banned four milk brands from making and selling their products and sealed their factories as they were producing products “unfit for human consumption”.

He also took a notice of the inequality in the education system and said that a uniform education system should be practised so that every child could get equal opportunity to acquire quality education.

The Suo moto notices taken by CJP are solely related to the concerns of the public—which is good. I mean doing and taking actions for the betterment of public and their matters is what we all want and need. If the necessities of the people at large are taken care of then what more could the public demand for. These Suo moto notices if perused until their desired outcomes are met would be something commendable at the end of our justice courts and especially the chief justice of Pakistan.

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