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Civil Aviation Returns Lost World Cup Tickets to Owner

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This Sunday, the staff of CCA (Civil Aviation Authority) returned a bag carrying valuables worth RS 0.75 million and the lost cricket world cup tickets. The bag was handed over to a lady passenger who was departing for London from Bachaa Khan International Airport, Peshawar.

A statement says, Aqeela the lady passenger issued a complaint regarding the tickets which she left back at the airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority staff present at the Bachaa khan airport took serious action and immediately recovered her tickets.

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The staff handed over the tickets to the lady passenger’s brother who lived in Peshawar.

When the tickets were returned to Aqeela, she thanked the entire staff and appreciated each and everyone from the staff for their honesty and professional behaviour.

The officers who worked hard and did the entire lost tickets search responsibly, the BKIAP management decided to reward them with certificates as a gesture of appreciation.

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