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City District Government Peshawar (CDGP) Is To Computerize The Records

The City District Government Peshawar (CDGP) is planning to computerize all the properties of the district government in order to make it easier for people to collect information about properties, staff head count, seniority and other information.

While in a meeting with district Nazim Muhammad Asim Khan along with officials including; Director Coordination, Assistant Director Properties, Admin Officer and some others, the decision was taken to computerize the records for easy public access.

It was decided in the meeting, all the record of properties of the CDGP will be computerized along with additional details such as; shops, open properties, official staff, and accounts, the details will also be available on Google maps.

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The district Nazim has directed his subordinate Director Coordination to complete the task in 20 days and keep him posted with progress reports on daily basis.

While speaking to the attendees District Nazim, Asim Khan said, this system will not only benefit the public to access information on the internet about the government properties but also it will help identify the incompetent and corrupt employees.