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Citizens hold protest in Peshawar against PUBG and Tik Tok


On Sunday, people held a protest against the two most popular mobile applications PlayerUnknown’s Battle (PUBG) and TikTok in Peshawar.

All the protestors had banners and slogans in their hands during the protest. Their slogans read that the government should ban both PUBG and TikTok all over the country.

The protestors said to the media that the government should take strict action against these applications and should block its access to mobile phones. According to the protestors, all the youngsters waste their time on Tiktok and PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battle), and banning these applications is the only way to save the youth of our country.

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PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) banned PUBG in Pakistan on the 1st of July for a temporary period of time.

One of the spokespeople of PTA stated that a permanent decision to ban PUBG will be made after discussions. He added that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was receiving a lot of complaints about the game terming it as a waste of time. Moreover, complaints were claiming that this game is causing a negative influence on the youth.

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