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Citizens Facing Trouble in Getting New Number Plates

new number plates

The citizens who are using the old number plates are now in a situation as the Excise department has stopped giving them the new number plates and at the same time has started a crackdown operation against the non-standard number plates.

Back in the year 2006, the Excise Department started to issue the computerized number plates. It has asked the vehicle owners who were using non-computerised vehicles to apply for the new number plates.

Since the past few months, citizens were having troubles in getting the new number plates as the contract for the plates has expired and the new contract was yet to be provided.

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The Excise department Director-general said that he has taken notice of the issue and asked the officers to take steps for solving the issues of the citizens.

Last year the traffic police in Karachi came forward with a unique solution for dealing with the issues of wrong parking.

If the car was found parked wrongly or parked in a space where parking is not allowed or is double parked, then the traffic police have been given the instructions to take off the original number plate of the car from both front and back side of the car.

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