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Citizens Can Temporarily Adopt an Animal at Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo

The Lahore Zoo has formed a new policy, as per which the animal lovers would be able to temporarily adopt their favourite birds and animals. The new policy would be announced officially later this month.

As per the policy, the citizens would have to pay for the medication and food of the animals they would show willingness to adopt.

People would be able to adopt birds and animals for 3 to 6 months or even for a year. Once an animal has been adopted by any citizen, they would be able to pay a visit to the animal any time they feel like paying a visit during the zoo timings without paying the zoo ticket.

They would also be permitted to be there when the caretakers are feeding the animal.

Pamphlets and brochures regarding the habits of the animals and their dietary needs would also be provided by the Lahore Zoo.

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The oldest and the biggest zoo of Punjab houses more than 1,200 various kinds of birds and animal which have been divided into many different categories for the adoption process. any citizen or institution could adopt more than one bird or animal.

The Lahore Zoo administration said the objective of the adoption scheme is to promote the compassion of animals among the citizens for creating awareness regarding their lifestyle and eating habits and for earning revenue for giving animals at the zoo the proper care that they need.

Lahore Zoo annually spends more than Rs40 million on food for the animals alone.

Kiran Saleem—the Lahore Zoo Education Officer mentioned that many organisations had earlier adopted many animals and have also named the creatures.

Individuals who want to adopt the animals could do so by registering themselves at the Lahore Zoo’s website which would be launched soon.

In the meantime, information regarding the types of birds and animals present at Lahore zoo could be taken with the help of the facility’s mobile app.

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