Cinepax introduces 4DX theaters in Pakistan

Cinepax Pakistan

Cinepax along with CJ 4DPLEX announced to bring 4DX theaters to Pakistan. The world’s leading cinema technology Company CJ4DPLEX is now ready to rumble in Pakistan.

According to the details, the first two locations including Karachi Ocean Tower Mall and Lahore Packages Mall will get the theatre launch in 2019. The announcement was made by Cinepax at the CineAsia Trade Show in Convention & Exhibition Centre Hong Kong on December 10.

In Lahore at the Packages Mall, 10 screen multiplex would house the first 4DX theatre in the country. The second flagship at Ocean Tower Mall Karachi will showcase the Cinepax’s pioneering technology.

Cinepax cinema technology on bringing world-class entertainment to Pakistan in order to the country industry and provide consumers with greater pleasure while experiencing cinema screens. 4DX technology has changed the way people interact withtheatres inside; the company would be the first to bring 4DX to Pakistan providingit with a new level of differentiation.

The CEO Cinepax, Marian El Bacha, said, “We aimed at providing the best art and entertainment experience to our guests through service excellence and CJ 4DPLEX altogether.”

Pakistan deserves the experience and excitement, as well as the reality of CJ 4DPLEX and we, are proud to open first and the biggest multiplex in Pakistan at packages Mall Lahore. Bringing 4DX to Pakistan would strengthen our purpose of being the best entertainment company in Pakistan which is committed to delivering world-class technology and family entertainment experiences simultaneously, she added.

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The CEO of CJ 4DPLEX, Jong Ryul Kim said while talking to the audience, “We are working closely with Cinepax in order to provide our premium cinema technology format in an effort that positions them as a leading cinema exhibitor across Pakistan with a commitment to deliver new and enriched cinema experiences to customers.”

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