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Cinema Bans Pjs and Onesies as Part of Dress Code

A New Zealand cinema has just banned from wearing pyjamas and onesies to their theatres, in order to improve the dress standards in the neighbouring town.

As per the reports of Newshub, the local movie theatre Hawera Cinema on Friday took it to the social platform Facebook to post their dress code, which has banned clearly the wearing of pyjamas, onesies, dirty hum boots and dressing gowns to the cinema no matter how cute and comfortable they may appear.

As reported by the Hawera Cinema 2 that as many businesses and people in town are noticing the rise in the trend of people thinking and wearing pjs or onesies in public and it is being considered appropriate.

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It further mentioned that here at Hawera Cinemas we do not wish to encourage the vibe or environment.

Just a friendly reminder that we have a dress code at Hawera Cinemas, it's simple really, as long as you are…

Posted by Hawera Cinema 2 on Friday, April 20, 2018

The ban has divided the residents, many of them launched their support or criticism on the announced ban by posting their messages on the Facebook post.

Some residents were in support of the pyjamas ban and anticipated that the rest of the community public places like the supermarkets, would follow the same direction.

One resident posted a comment saying that consider all the shops in town following your pattern and announcing the same ban, then it would indeed be a good job.

While others called the cinema “fashion police” and declared that the imposed ban is unneeded. One person commented that she cannot understand that how wearing Pjs could affect anybody else.

Another person commented that I did not spend a sixty-dollar amount on a kitty cat onesie for not being able to wear it in town.

Dress codes are usually not an official policy at cinemas, people visit them in most relaxed and in their favourite cosy outfits, however, what if any cinema restricts or defines certain dress code for the ones coming to watch movies so is that too hard of a request to abide with.

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