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CIE Schedules O and A Level Exams on Eid

O and A level exams

CIE has scheduled the O and A level exams on Eid. While others would be busy in enjoying the Eid delights, the students of the O and A level system would spend a major portion of their day inside the examination hall this year.

Cambridge International Examinations—CIE have scheduled the O and A level papers on all the 3 days of Eid-ul-Fitr. Parents and students are not at all pleased with this. Nearly fifty-five thousand students would be appearing for the exams this year in Pakistan.

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A student said that it is really hard to fast, then go for offering Taraweeh and then study for the exams. He added that having exams on Eid would for sure be affecting the grades.

Besides missing on the early Eid morning rituals, many students would not even be able to offer the Eid prayers. One another student informed that they have to be at the examination centre by 8:30 am, that for sure means that they would not be able to attend the Eid prayers.

Dr Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui—the Director-General of Privately Managed Institution and Inspection—Sindh said that the CIE exams are conducted throughout the world on the same day, hence once a date has been given out it could not be changed.

Parents are displeased with this. As per them, Muslims make up a large majority of the students who appear in the CIE exams and the CIE should have taken their religious festivals in consideration before finalizing the examination dates.

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