Chrome and Calendar functionality ends for Android 7 users

Android 7.1.2

As time passes, support for devices and operating systems comes to an end. Something similar is on its way to Android 7 Nougat. Since the beginning of this year, several services and software support have ended for this version of Android. As of now, a new report indicates that this version of Android is ending support for Chrome and Calendar.

In 2016, Google debuted Android 7. It arrived in merely two iterations following the release of Google’s Material Design. Thus, hardly any new program enhancements or graphic modifications were made. One of the notable aspects of this version was that it was used on the first Pixel smartphone. Some other smartphones that came with Android 7 include the Galaxy Note 7, HTC 10, LG V20, and the OnePlus 3.

Chrome and Calendar are no longer supported on Android 7

The tech giant Google is all set to end software support for some of its apps, including Chrome and Calendar. Starting next year, devices running Android 7.1 will lose support for Chrome. A while back, we learned that the corporation was holding back on Nougat since Chrome version 120 was not being released for Android. Given this situation, an Android 7 phone is trapped on version 119.

Something similar is on its way for another famous Google app, Google Calendar. Version 2023-46-0-581792699 is the latest version of the Google Calendar app that will be rolled out to devices that support Android 8+ and beyond. It means that an Android 7 phone will keep running the same current version of the app.

It’s time to upgrade your devices since upgrades hold several benefits. New devices come with better and improved features like battery life and security features.

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