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Christmas Train Service to Operate Until Jan 10

Christmas Train Service

The Christmas Special train service is to be operated until the 10th of January, as per the announcement made by the Railways Minister Shiekh Rasheed Ahmed in a video message on Monday.

The decision was taken and then revealed as there had been a surge in the number of passengers. He said that many people are travelling via trains these days due to fog.

The special train operates to and from Rawalpindi and Karachi.

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Rasheed asked PM Khan for a surge in the grades of all the railway employees from grade 1 to grade 16. He said that they would be promoted by a rank.

The minister for railways added that as soon as the judgement of the court would be issued, all the temporary labour hired employees would also be permanently appointed.

Previously the special train service had been extended until the 1st of January. At the time of earlier extension, the railway’s minister said that the government believes in serving equally to all no matter what their religion or faith is.

Initiatives like these are good as they impart a positive image of the country to other minorities residing. It shows that the government cares about all the religious minorities and appreciate and acknowledges their festivities.

The department of Railways has generally been progressing in terms of the introduction of many such services, increase in freight trains and passenger trains.

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