Christian boy given capital punishment over blasphemy charges

capital punishment

A Pakistani Christian hailing from Lahore has been given a capital punishment over a blasphemy content. The message was sent over the popular application, Whatsapp.

A Christian named Nadeem James was captured and charged in July a year ago when his Muslim companion recorded a complaint against him expressing that the denounced, now the guilty party, had sent him a sonnet on WhatsApp in which deprecatory comments were composed against Islam, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W), and other sacred figures.

The attorney of the Christian kid expressed that court has condemned him to a demise discipline on Thursday. In any case, the legal counselor contended that his client has been encircled by the Muslim kid over his affirmed association with a Muslim young lady. He said that we will go to High Court to request against capital punishment.

The moratorium on capital punishment was lifted in the country in 2015

It would be worth specifying here that the trial of the case held inside the jail after neighborhood clerics undermined James and his family.

Blasphemy is an immense issue in Pakistan. Individuals used it to get individual picks up and benefits on the off chance that they assert somebody with irreverence charges. Mashal Khan case this year and a Christian couple case in 2014 who were lynched and burnt alive are the prime cases of it. As of late IHC (Islamabad High Court), while hearing a case in regards to blasphemy, said to the administration that to revise the blasphemy law. This is so the person who makes a false allegation against anybody for individual gains ought to be managed with brutal discipline.

This is not the first occasion when that a man has been conceded a capital punishment. In June 2017 a man from Lahore was given capital punishment by the anti terrorism court for sharing harsh material about Islam via web-based networking media stage. Furthermore, a man from Sargodha was additionally captured by Police for posting partisan material via web-based networking media. Court gave him 13 years imprisonment and furthermore forced a fine of Rs. 250,000 fine on him.

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