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Chocolate to become Extinct due to Climate Change

All the chocolate lovers, this is not a good news for you, as experts believe that because of rising temperatures and drastic changes in climate cacao plants may extinct by 2050. Cacao plants are the only natural source of chocolate, if they will go extinct, so will chocolate.

Now at the University of California’s new biosciences building the cacao plants are being transformed under the supervision of Myeong-Je Cho who is the director of plant genomics. Now if the experiment is successful, the cacao seedlings would be able to survive in a dryer, hotter climate.

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The highly advanced technology namely CRISPR allows minor, tiny yet exact small changes to DNA. These tweaks are being used to make plants affordable and reliable. Now, these tweaks can be used to fight off the drastic impacts of climate change and ensure that crops that need colder climates, can survive in warmer climates as well.

The cacao plants can grow in only a narrow area of rain forests, almost 20° North and South of the equator. The area where temperature, rain, and humidity remains uniform throughout the year. Almost half of the world’s chocolate just comes from two countries that are in West Africa, namely Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

Now as per experts these two areas will no longer be suitable for chocolate growth by 2050. The temperature will rise and cacao plants will go extinct.

Mars, the firm known to produce Snicker, know about this issue. Thus in September it started the campaign called “Sustainability in a Generation,”

Mars’ chief sustainability officer Barry Parkin said, “We’re trying to go all in here. There are obviously commitments the world is leaning into but, frankly, we don’t think we’re getting there fast enough collectively.”

Now let’s see what will be the future of chocolate in upcoming years.