Chinese WeChat achieves 1 billion monthly users benchmark

Chinese popular messaging app, better to say WhatsApp clone has now hit the one billion monthly users for the first time since its inception according to the app owner.

WeChat is known as Weixin in China and has a large user base in China unlike WhatsApp which has users all over the world, despite being much popular in China WeChat is still behind the WhatsApp which has roughly 1.5 billion monthly users.

The Chinese tech giant Tencent owns WeChat which rules all over China at the moment, the social app has been so successful along in China because of many critical reasons.

A bunch of Apps

WeChat is just one year younger than WhatsApp, it was founded in 2010 just a year later after WhatsApp, in the beginning, it worked almost similar to what WhatsApp did, messaging, soon it started evolving and it grabbed the market quickly. One of the top reasons why WeChat has been successful in China is its ability to offer users a whole bunch of apps. The app is not just a messaging app, it performs other tasks for your conveniently including ordering food, paying bills, online banking, make an appointment, find a date, play games and much more. Now it has become a dire need for Urban Chinese to keep using the app for their needs.

Bill Payments

WeChat has also made it quite simple for bill payments, most of young Chinese are now using online payment systems to pay for their purchases pretty much for everything, and Chinese are now heavily using online payments systems run by tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent. Users can add their banking details to WeChat and later they can buy any product or service using their accounts, Tencent earns handsome amount of revenue from billions of transactions.