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Chinese Universities to Establish Campuses at Pak-Austria Engineering University

It has been decided by the Chinese universities to establish campuses at the newly inaugurated Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences & Technology (PAF-IAST) in Mang, Haripur.

PAF-IAST is a KP government initiative that aims to provide a strong technical education infrastructure. It will help in the development of the hi-tech industry in Pakistan.

China Economic Net (CEN) reportedly stated that 5 Chinese universities reached out to the Pak Govt, looking for approval to develop their campuses at the PAF-IAST.

These universities will offer over 30 courses including artificial intelligence, material engineering, mineral development, food technology, and agricultural sciences.

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The languages in which students will be taught these courses are English, Austrian, and Chinese.

Students would be able to secure the jobs in the disciplines of IT, medical, electrical, mechanical, mineral, metallurgy, and construction sectors after taking these courses.

Since its launch, PAF-IAST’s importance has increased. The announcement was made by over 80 Chinese companies to relocate their businesses to Hattar Industrial Estate in Haripur. Other than this Pakistan Digital City (PDC) is being established in Haripur. PDC stretches over 50 acres. It will be the first digital city of Pakistan which features a modern software park.

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