Chinese Salt Banned in Punjab

Punjab authorities have banned Chinese salt in the province. Chinese salt, also known as Ajinomoto’s sale and usage is banned in Punjab. The salt had Monosodium glutamate that is a dangerous chemical that causes health diseases like a headache, heart disease and similar mental and physical ailments. This is proven by the scientific panel of Punjab Food Authority (PFA).

As per PFA this chemical cause hypertension and blood pressure issues to those who consume it. Moreover, as per PFA, the salt is extremely harmful to the pregnant ladies.

Resturant owners and the frozen food manufacturers are clearly asked to immediately stop the usage of Chinese salt in any of their food and products. PFA has given March 31st, the deadline for implementation of this new order.

Chinese salt is a major ingredient in many Chinese cuisines The health issues caused by the salt will be a setback for many, but health comes first. As the salt was causing many health problems, both physical and mental, banning it was the right step. Now restaurants and other food zones should follow the rules and regulations and stop the usage of Ajinomoto in any food item.

Recently PFA also banned popular mineral water brands including Aquafina. Other than Aquafina, Kinley and Springley are banned. 14 mineral water brands were tested and none of them passed the criteria of being called a ‘mineral water’ brand. 11 of them just passed to be called as ‘Plain or Safe water.’

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It is important that all our brands be it food, water, clothes or telecom, they should stop doing deceptive marketing. Exaggerating facts is almost as bad as lies. Consumers buy a product or a brand because they believe in the claims the brand is making. If they are false, it means that our brands are playing with our public which is a crime.

Here, the efforts made by PFA, to ban such products that are harmful to the consumers is commendable.

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