Chinese, Russian Companies Interested to Revive Pakistan Steel Mills

Pakistan Steel Mills

Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed in a meeting that Chinese and Russian companies have shown keen interest to revive Pakistan Steel Mills.

The meeting took place regarding the revival of Pakistan Steel Mills. PM Khan appraised that not just foreign companies are interested to revive PSM but different proposals are also under consideration in this regard.

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Imran Khan said that the government will do everything in its power and make every possible effort to not just revive Pakistan Steel Mills but also make it a profitable organization.

PM Khan said that efforts are being made to end the burden on national exchequer which would be possible after the revival of PSM. PSM would be able to play a critical role in the progress and development of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister said that PSM’s revival is the PTI government’s top priority. He said that in the past, the previous governments have done great cruelty against the nation by not playing any role in the revival of PSM. This has become an additional burden for Pakistan.

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