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Chinese Products Take Over Local Market Before Independence Day

Chinese products

Independence day is around the corner and the patriotically charged Pakistanis are all set for its celebrations. Local markets are selling a lot of Chinese products for the big day décor and many people are completely unaware of it.

This year 14th August would be celebrated under the new leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The influx of cheap Chinese goods has already caused closure of a lot of industries while the remaining others are struggling to survive. The next possible victim of the Chinese products influx would be the cottage industries that have been for years engaged in the making of 14th August related items or goods.

Traders have provided conflicting claims as some say that the Chinese market share is now somewhere sixty to seventy per cent which was twenty to thirty per cent three to four years back.

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Others are of the stance that the share has for sure risen and now at twenty to thirty per cent versus ten to fifteen per cent a few years back.

The owner of the VIP Flags at Hassan Ali Effendi Road, Sheikh Nisar Parchamwala claims that the most disturbing aspect of the organised and cottages industries is the influx of finished Pakistani flags from China. He said that the import of finished flags if would continue to boom then there could be a possible end to cottage industries.

He added that many nations have placed a ban on importing national flags from other countries to provide protection to their local industries, however, in Pakistan the situation is opposite.

Mr Parchamwala further added that the local cottage industry majorly has seventy per cent of the market share but is concerned over the rising import and share of Chinese products, especially flags.

People prefer Chinese goods as they are cheaper in rates as compared to the locally made items.

A big wholesaler or importer on the condition of anonymity disagreed with Mr Parchamwala and said that the quality of Chinese goods is better than the local stuff. Also, the local cottage industries have limited production capacity whereas China could satisfy the huge market demand at any time.

He expressed his fear over job losses in cottage industries in the areas like Orangi Town, Korangi, North Karachi, etc as the Chinese products are capturing the local market share at a fast pace.

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