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Chinese National with Coronavirus Symptoms Shifted to an Isolation Ward in PIMS

A Chinese national has been shifted to an isolation ward of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) from the Islamabad airport after being suspected of having coronavirus.

The flight operations between Pakistan and China resumed. A flight carrying 122 travelers landed at the Islamabad airport from Beijing. During the screening of the passengers, a Chinese national Bing Yang was detected with high-temperature. It is one of the symptoms of the virus.

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Authorities dealing with airport and medical services have been directed by the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza to ensure strict vigilance at entry points and check the travelers that come from the affected regions.

Every passenger from China has to pass via the health counters that have been set at all major international airports, as per the directives. At the counters, the doctors and paramedics will inspect the passengers via thermal body scanning machines and thermometers.

As the standard operation took place, Yang was separated from other travelers and shifted to the Pims hospital via ambulance.

If there is any suspected patient of coronavirus he/she is put under observation for at least six days at an isolation ward.

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This deadly virus has killed over 425 people and has infected 20,000 more in China. Most of these people were in central Hubei province which has been the epicenter of the outbreak. The virus has spread across almost two-dozen countries since it appeared back in December 2019.

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