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Chinese Mobility Company Expands its Operations in Pakistan

A Chinese technology services company, Timesaco is ready to launch Tatu Mobility. A transportation infrastructure network will be established to promote e-transport sector business in Pakistan

Founder and CEO of Tatu Mobility Donald Li said, “We are all set to launch Tatu Mobility in Pakistan on January 1, 2020, for which an event has been scheduled for December 31.”

According to Li, Tatu Mobility will provide Mobility Services to all the public transports that include individual, business corporations, merchants, private organizations, and government sectors.

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He said, “These services include taxi-hailing, pick-and-drop, bus booking, vehicle rental, and others.”

Through its Ecosystem Platform based on Internet plus technology, Tatu Mobility will provide Mobility Services. Furthermore, Li said that it will provide an IOT based transportation network in which the current private and public transportation will be rebuild and revamped into this technology.

He said, “Now, all customers can book and track their mobility through Tatu Mobility applications.”

Furthermore, he said that in Tatu Mobility people will be able to get a different discount by using various features that include Event Creation, Group Creation, and FreeRide.

Replying to a question he said, “An individual and corporations can create different groups and events on Tatu Mobility application, and can track, chat with each other in coming future.”

Adding, “These features will create easy communications and convenient marketing for them.”

According to him the Customer2Store and Customer2Site services will be the main transportation solutions for the business sectors of Pakistan.

Li said Tatu Mobility to another question said that it will operate under the umbrella of Timesaco. Already, it has launched its online ride-hailing service (Buraq Taxi Service) in ten cities of Pakistan. It will provide services to individuals and corporations. Li said, “From now onward, Tatu Mobility will focus on transportation sectors and in later on Timesaco also plans to launch other Instant Services for logistics in Pakistan.”

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