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Chinese IT firm interested in joint ventures with local IT companies in Pakistan

One Chinese IT firm has shown a great interest to explore Pakistan’s IT potential and looking for investment and businesses opportunities in Pakistan. The Chinese IT firm is interested in Joint ventures and partnerships with top local IT companies in Pakistan.

Jason, International business leader of Belt and Road Working Group, New H3C group told media in an interview that, “We will cooperate with local distributors in future, we are interested in setting up an office in Pakistan and partner with local IT companies in order to achieve industrial innovation and upgrades.”

He further explained the partnership plans and said, “Initially we wish to supply routers, switches and other ICT equipment by partnering local companies in Pakistan, and later we can design and manufacture customized products for companies in Pakistan.”

The Chinese IT firm manages and provides services in data centers for famous IT firms globally, the company provides a full range of services including computing, networking, storage, security under one roof of its digital solutions infrastructure. The company also provide digital platform solutions including, cloud computing, big data, edge computing, big security, big interconnectivity, big surveillance, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

“We are looking forward to co-operating with reputed companies in Pakistan for Research & Development along with building their network system”, he said.

He said technology innovation is the core engine that drives growth, we have more than 50 percent of staff dedicated to research and development, in June 2018 we had over 8,865 patent applications and 90 percent of these patents are new inventions.

Jason told media, that they have already completed two projects in Pakistan including the assistance provided in informatization construction of Gwadar port. We already have the experience in Pakistani market and a knowhow of Pakistan’s business environment, he added.

He said, our products are widely used in healthcare industry especially hospitals focusing on data of patients and disposal of waste properly, Pakistan could leverage the advantage of our products and expertise in its hospitals.

In answering the question Jason said, the company would invite Pakistani ICT companies to visit its headquarters in China, we will take the collaboration further from there.

The Chinese IT firm was established in 2003 in China, the company is one of the leading digital solutions provider and a promoter of new economy, the company has been a successful technology player in the Chinese industry, it serves several sectors including government, telecommunications, energy, power, education, healthcare, manufacturing and internet, the company employs more than 13,000 people in the company and has headquarters in Hangzhou and Beijing including offices in every major city of China, he added.

The company is sharing its expertise and knowledge, innovation in the society and supporting the development of the new digital economy in China. Sharing expertise and knowledge will bring benefits for both sides new H3C will continue to collaborate with its partners to streamline the development of digital infrastructure platform, Pakistan and China together can enjoy this partnership together, Jason added.