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Chinese govt lockdowns more cities as virus toll increases

The government of China sealed off millions of the people near the epicentre of a virus outbreak on Friday.

The authorities further halt the public transport in an eighth city of the country in an unprecedented quarantine effort as the death toll from the deadly virus increased to 26.

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The Chinese government confirmed the second death outside the epicentre of the SARS-like virus outbreak. According to the details, the virus infected hundreds of people in China and raised the number of the overall people killed to 26.

As per the official statement by the Chinese authorities, 24 deaths have been reported in Hubei, the central province that is home to Wuhan, the city identifies as the centre of the outbreak of the SARS-like deadly virus.

The government further said that one case of death was reported in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, which borders Russia and is some 2,000 kilometres from Wuhan. The government of China expanded a lockdown now covering around 26 million people and also cancelled some Lunar New Year celebrations to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Despite confirmed cases in the half a dozen other countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) delayed declaring a global emergency.

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